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Welcome, stranger, to the land of Awesomia!

You may never have heard of this land before. That’s no shame upon you, however; the rich tapestry that is the history of our land is not yet known in all other lands. Come, sit a spell, and let one of the local minstrels or raconteurs regale you with a song or tale from bygone days!

Alternatively, you could just browse the wiki here, and glean a few tidbits about the land and its people. If you’re a PC, you may find you’ve been included in this listing. If you haven’t yet, don’t fret; I’m probably working on it.


This game is based on a series of modules which were written originally for 3rd Edition (3.0) D&D rules. We mostly utilize the rules as they were re-drafted for the 3.5 update, and so there are occasional modifications made.

If you don’t own a copy of the 3.5 handbooks (Players’ Handbook, in particular) you may wish to consult the online SRD (System Reference Document). I prefer the Sovelior-Sage compilation, though I gather there are others.


While I can be fairly flexible with regards your characters, keep in mind that the geography and political environment is somewhat structured at this point, and some character/class combinations may be difficult to work into the story. (You may still play such a character, but don’t be surprised if you find I’m reluctant to work plot directly into/around the character, if I can’t find a way to do so believably).

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