Awesomia (Kingdom)

Kingdom of Awesomia

Named after its first king, the stalwart adventurer once known as Roland the Awesome, the land of Awesomia has grown to sprawl across three major cities, and any number of smaller towns and villages along the way, to say nothing of the intervening forestland which sprouts many a sporadic Elven township or periodic druidic encampment. The great, Elven forests which yet grow thick about the land are evidence of the pledge of friendship which has governed the Kingdom of Awesomia since its inception. In fact, the secretive, Elven city, best known by its transliterated name, Either-and-Or, also rests within the boundaries of the land now claimed as Awesomia’s, and could be considered a fourth major city of the realm, although it rarely traffics directly with human-controlled lands, and the populace of that city recognize the Throne of Awesomia as an ally, not a Head of State.

To the southwest, the Diamond Road, runs southward into the perilous Dark Continent, rumoured to hold much wealth and many unfathomably peculiar peoples and customs. This road is used more often by adventurers than by merchants, and is in considerable disrepair beyond what was once considered the realm of Ba’elba.

To the east, the kingdom rests against the shores of Lake Eregthor, so-named by the Elves in ages long past.

North around this lake, the Silk Road continues eastward through the gap between the Barbary Mountains and the Aral Mountains, much further to the north. Eastward, the road leads into the Hordelands, and beyond into the Mysterious East, and carries much merchant traffic, though only the bold dare risk the hazards presented by the Hordelands.

South around the lake, the Spice Roads run directly into the Barbary Mountains, and across the Pass of Eagles into the desert empire known as Farsai. Beyond here, the road leads on into the jungles of the south coast, and passes through the many small kingdoms littering this region. It is considered a valuable trade route for the acquisition of spices.

To the far north, the forestland becomes ever more dense, and wild, strange creatures exist, quite outside the norm of most human-ruled lands. In this place bleeds the borderland between Awesomia, and land governed mainly by the wild elves, who have been known to bar traffic even to other elves.

The capital of the land is Awesomia City, situated upon the north-western coast of Lake Eregthor

To the west, on the south coast of the Gulf of Asher, where warm waters lap against sandy shores, Drylake is situated, and is another of the main cities of the realm.

Awesometon, unlike its sister-cities, does not boast a strong mounted troop, but its barracks produce the heavy-infantry which forms the backbone of the Awesomian Royal Forces.

When called upon to provide military aid, the Elves typically send archers and light-infantry (mainly swordsmen) to bolster the army.

Awesomia (Kingdom)

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